Digital Debut – The Cthulhiad/Severed Head Cult

So, one of the big plans for this year (2019) is to get things in place to allow more readers access to the comic books and art I make, and have been making over the last few years. As part of that I’ve put one of the early books on the digital comics portal Comichaus.

The Cthulhiad - SeveredHeadCult - p16

Severed Head Cult sees Harry, one of The Cthulhiad’s primary protagonists, in a flashback to Copenhagen, on the hunt for one of his colleagues and the creature that they were both tracking. It’s a horror/mystery comic about Occult Detectives/Monster Hunters pulling together the threads of several mysteries that seem to point to a cataclysmic event on the horizon, meanwhile, elsewhere in the UK a Police Detective working with a specials crimes unit has had Harry pop up on his radar in conjunction with some threads of his own.

To celebrate going digital, I added a reworked cover (below) using some of the interior art and adding (for the first time) a little colour.


I hope to get the other books up on Comichaus soon whilst working on the new books (and other as yet unannounced comics projects) this year.

Meanwhile you can find a review of the book over on the Comichaus site – HERE

The Cthulhiad is an ongoing book series Volume 1 of which should culminate with the completion of the next two books, Theogony (The Lance, Book 3) and Voices (a working title). The whole series weighs in at around 300 pages to date, and there is still plenty of story to tell.

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