Marvel Fan Art

(Pencil Sketch) First up one of my favourites from being a kid… and probably one of my favourite fan art pieces… lord of subterranean monsters, it’s Harvey Elder, The Moleman…


(Inks over Pencils) A raging Medusa of the Inhumans for Inktober 2018’s “Flowing”/Day 10.


(Digital colour version)

(Inks overvPencils) I have no idea what I was thinking whilst doodling out this Inktober art for “Chicken”… beyond “Chicken”… and “Fisk”horn Leghorn, obviously… so yeah, Daredevil, and Howard the Duck… and only one of these guys made it into the official MCU so far.


Next up a character I got to know through Chris Bachalo’s great run on Generation NeXt. Penance… (though apparently now called Hollow).


Four out of five of the original MCU Avengers, though I like to think Banner is in there too, just sleeping in the passenger seat…


This Thor was another Inktober sketch from 2018, coloured up for a gift poster organised by the guys from Troobs (True Believers Comic Fest) Stuart and Andy.