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Gareth’s Iron Shod Ape (work for hire) Page.

This is work relating to books you want to take through to full publication, whether with me or with others – for one-off commissions try >HERE<

PDF of Page Rates (Spring 2019) – Available Upon Request (coming soon)

Note, this page is still a work in progress, examples are being added and updated at all times, links to further examples can be forwarded upon request.


  • b/w art (rough pencils+inks) basic style

Example 1Example 2 / Example 3

£[   ] per page – TBC


  • b/w art/inc tonal greys (rough pencils+inks/full tonal work digital) i.e. more complex style

Example 1Example 2 / Example 3

£[   ] per page – TBC


  • Full Colour interior art – Simple Flats plus Tonal Work – basic style – £85 per page

Example 1 (Coming Soon)

£[   ] per page – TBC


  • Full Colour interior art – more complex style – £100 per page

Example 1 (Coming Soon)

£[   ] per page – TBC

NB: Prices for Highly finished pencils for others to ink, or inks for others pencils are not areas I’ve explored, but I’m willing to to give it a go, I love making comics, just drop me a line, let’s discuss it.


  • Cover Art – b/w (pencils, inks and tonal greys only) – (Logo/Titles design would be separate cost, let’s discuss it).

 Example 1

£[   ] – TBC

  • Cover Art – Full Colour (pencils and inks, digital colour).

Example 1 – Coming Soon

£[   ] – TBC

Cover Art – Digital Paintings/Trad Paintings/Hybrids, Mixed-Media, Experimental.

Example 1

£[   ] – TBC

Pin-Ups/Pin-Up Art for your Comic or Kickstarter Rewards

  • Single Page/Splash Page style Pin Ups / Sketch (scanned and prepped for Repro.

Example 1

£[   ] – TBC

  • Single Page Pin Ups / Pencils and Inks.

Example 1

£[   ] – TBC

  • Single Page Pin-Ups / Full Colour.

Example 1 / Example 2

£[   ] – TBC

CREATIVE COLLABORATION / Profit Share Project/Projects with long-term Comics buddies/friends – Rates Negotiable – let’s discuss it.

For Character Design and Concept Art for your project please see my other site, RobotVmonsteR – HERE.


Post sketch/design and thumbnailing, the art (barring Digital Paintings*) are either produced traditionally on paper/board, penciled and inked at approx A3 or 11″ x 17″ (usually American format, but client’s choice), then scanned and digitally corrected, with b/w tonal work up usually happening in Photoshop, though I am beginning to create comics totally digitally, thumbnails, “blue pencils” and inks all produced digitally in Procreate on iPad.

The finished digital file is sent to the client prepped and (can be scaled) ready for print (inc. bleeds, crop marks upon request).

*even these may start as a scanned sketch or thumbnail and contain scans of sections or figures etc.

Client receives final digital art files**, via digital download link (Google Drive/WeTransfer/etc).

**Plus digital full res scans of any/all prelim approval sketches/thumbnail scans or inks upon request.

With this comes the unlimited reproduction rights, to print the the art as a comic book, as prints, postcards on t-shirts lunch boxes etc. The artist (me) retains the right to show all artwork in their portfolio (after the public launch of the product or an agreed expiry date of any NDA signed as part of the original contract. Sketches produced during the creation of artwork may be used by the artist as part of sketchbook, printed folios for sale, again only after the Work for Hire product is public facing).

NOTE 1: The traditional art pages used for scanning remain with the artist (unless stipulated in the contract – note, handing these over may incur a higher premium). Single, one-off authenticated “digital proofs” of comic page artwork can only be sold by the artists (and only with the clients permission – this should be discussed with the artist prior to work commencing or stipulated as part of the contract, in terms of digital art production this takes the place of the artist being able to sell traditionally created “original pages” at cons etc). All IronShodApe digital proofs are signed by the artist and rubber stamped for authenticity, a record of sales is kept.

NOTE 2: Art Tests or Samples depending on complexity are also potentially  billable.

Want to compare or just find out a little more about comic artist page-rates? Try THIS resource page from