Online Previews.

Okay, so its always cool to be able to read a little extra for free right. This page will be updated as often as possible with links to any free multi page previews, as well as full story arcs, or one-page wonders. Hey, and the same goes for these as goes for the books you pick up from us in print. If you enjoy what you’ve read here, let people know out there on social media, every bit really, really helps, cheers.

Just be aware, some of these (not all) might have mature/immature themes/the occasional “bad word”.


 Severed Head Cult & Vanitas (books from The Cthulhiad) – added to the Comichaus app.




Ake’s Trial (book two of the Viking Saga, hunting monsters in chainmail) Four Page Preview – and you can find a review by The Big Comics Page of Ake’ Trial over HERE

The Indian Fighter (a violent western from the pages of The Cthulhiad) – Nine Page Preview – The Full Book, reworked and in colour Coming Soon (plus a link to the authors illustrated notes).

Hagiographix No. 1 – The Agonies of Agatha (a look at the martyrdom of St. Agatha – A Cthulhiad aside).

and via the way back when machine…

The Tie-Dyed Garage of Judea Grain – A Toxic Shopping Story (an early homage to Moebius).

Brian & Delilah – A Toxic Shopping Story – Hair Loss, Fun!

…and Other Sad Songs – 3 panel strip, fun!