Creative Collaboration

Whether we are talking about a project where we meet before the project gets fleshed out or part way through, whether you are looking for help plotting, writing, working out dialogue or just with the artwork, if there is to be any to-and-fro of ideas, and if it is not to be simply work-for-hire, i.e. profit share, following a Kickstarter campaign or mutual print cost cover, then we are probably looking at a collaboration…

This will take a certain level of trust on all sides, and may not be what you are looking for if you are hoping to maintain a tight control of the story/art you envisioned. Collaboration means a certain amount of input from all parties, and thus ownership by all… of this is not what you are looking for then you probably want to check out my Work For Hire Comic Art Services Page.

If you think collaboration is what you are interested in, drop me an email via the contact page and we can discuss the project.

Creative Collaborations undertaken so far include the well received The King’s Leap by Rob Jones (of Madius Comics) and Gareth Sleightholme, plus its follow up Ake’s Trial by the same creative team (to be joined by a third and final standalone – Ymir’s Blade – later in 2019).