Fan Art

Mostly sketches and doodles for fun, or side projects to skill-build… I don’t sell or take fan art commissions (I just feel weird about it as I don’t have a licence to do so, just a personal thing, I have no problem with others doing it, and love seeing it).

A few of these have made it into the hands of others for charity (Little Heroes), go check that link out, it’s a great idea.

Anyway, enjoy.

Indie/Smallpress Fan Art 

DC Fan Art

Marvel Fan Art

Hellboy Fan Art

Love & Rockets Fan Art

2000AD Fan Art

Also, a couple of longer form “Fan Art” pieces just for fun and practice, I’ll let you check these out by yourself. These are less “comics” oriented, and more cinematic (though there fall into the area of clear comic fan interest hence including them here). So these are posted over on my RobotVmonsteR site, which is where these two links will take you.

1 – Black Planet

2 – Avenging Son