Iron Shod Apes Comic Recommendations

Okay, so here’s where we get to pour out a little more enthusiasm for the medium of comics, by listing comics (and comic art related books) we’ve read and loved over the years or even just last week… it will be an ongoing work in progress I’m sure.

We’ll try to divide the list up usefully, genres, audiences, age appropriateness etc… and where possible links back to the creators themselves or their sites.

Basic Headings – All Ages Comics / Books about Making Comics / Comics We Love / Mini-comics & Zines / Web-based Comics

All Ages Comics

Books About Making Comics

Comics We Love

  • Heartbreak Soup – G. Hernandez – GS
  • Hellboy / Strange Places – M. Mignola – GS
  • Hellboy in Hell – M. Mignola – GS
  • The Enigma – P.Milligan & D. Fegredo – GS
  • Lucifer – issue 33 “Bearing Gifts” M. Carey & D. Ormston – GS
  • The Magic Order – Olivier Coipel & Mark Millar – GS
  • The Black Monday Murders – Jonathan Hickman & Tomm Coker – GS

Mini-comics & Zines

Web-based Comics

books recommend by:

GS – Gareth Sleigholme (@hesir)