Flintlock, wrapping things up.

So my run on Flintlock has come to a close. Working on the three book second half of the series from Timebomb Comics was a real joy, and really pushed me in terms of my art, and art choices. All in all a great experience and so cheers to Steve Tanner for trusting me with his baby (trying to fill the shoes of book 1-3 Artist Anthony Summey was no mean task either).

This last book, was an extra special outing for me as I got, not only to contribute interior art, but to paint the cover for Flintlock, Book 6.

I’m going to miss it, and I though I thought this might be the last time I’d be tackling horses in a while, it’s not, so hopefully the groundwork I did across these three books puts me in good stead, laughs (it seems that when fate takes away horses with one hand, it may well deal you centaurs with the other).

The image below (low res version used here) was used in the Kickstarter as a Print/reward, it was fun to collate a range of the type of imagery I got to draw into one “movie poster” image.

Steve and Timebomb have also produced a beautiful slipcase-like box to house all your copies of the book now too, just in case you wanted your collection to really stand out. And check out their new project Quantum (article from DiwnTheTubes.net), hitting newsstands and news magazine outlets soon.

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