Old tales, new takes…

a thumbnail sketch for a cover of the as yet untitled project…

Some clips from the script in progress, both in my Google docs and where I often start, in Colour Note on my phone.

While working on the thumbnails and script for Theogony (the 3rd book of The Lance) I veered off track and started to develop another script, this one looking at the tale of Medusa. I’d mentioned Perseus in the prologue to Theogony, again relating to the monster-society of the wider Cthulhiad books. The notion was that this new outing would not focus so much on the “heroics” of Perseus, but instead the intrigue around the tale, on Medusa’s origins, and perhaps her (and her sister’s) purpose. Looking at how both Medusa and Perseus might well have been just tools, unwitting pieces in an unseen game. Finally taking a look at the character and motivations of the actual (potential) villains of the tale.

It’s all still in text form for the most part. And not all of that is complete, but it’s getting there. Some thumbnails are starting to happen. It’s fun… and I’m enjoying reading around my subject.

I’m currently not focussing on the length of the project, just on getting all the seemingly relevant story pieces into place. And giving the whole thing it’s own internal logic, plus looking at my overt writing, the tone, dialogue, trying to walk that difficult line between overly archaic language, and contemporary readability. It all still a little purple at the moment. So very much in the former of those two schools, but hopefully I can edit some of that down… in the meantime, back to more imminent deadlines.

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