A New Gig – “Flintlock” / Time Bomb Comics

I was pretty happy last year when I was approached to submit an art trial and subsequently be given the task of taking over art duties on Steve Tanner’s “Flintlock” title, found in the historical anthology comic of the same name, published under his Time Bomb Comics imprint (as it stands Book Four is now out in the world, and the script for Book Five is currently in my in-tray).

This was the first book I’ve worked on completely digitally, using Procreate fro the entire process from thumbnails through “pencils” and “Inks”. You can see that process in the video below. A real learning curve, but it certainly had its benefits.

EB0D2632-8A29-4ECB-8354-D466F2603365If you are not aware, Flintlock follows the adventures and trials of a highway-woman in 18th Century England., the book also features two other female character led historical tales in each issue, with a bunch of other great artists. If you wanted to check it out you can find Steve at many of the major comic con events around the UK, or check it out on his site/store (he has a whole range of similarly historical adventure titles on there too). It is also currently being republished in the pages of Comic Scene magazine, which is available in most WHSmiths, which is cool.

The book has been great to work on despite throwing up some challenges, not least that the predominant mode of transport/travel involves horses, laughs. But I guess an artist just can’t keep avoiding equine anatomy. One big boon is that I already had access to a tricorn hat and a brace of flintlocks.

Stand and Deliver indeed!

Tragic Tales of Horrere – Volume 1 collected edition.

So it was great to have this arrive in the post a while back.


Rob, Mike and Alisdair did a cracking job with the Kickstarter campaign and the design and the book looks great, so cool to hold it in my hands, for those of you who don’t know, Tragic Tales of Horrere is a UK anthology horror comic published by Little O and Madius Comics. This book sees the culmination of three anthology issues and a standalone special… I’m fortunate enough to have a couple of outings as Artist in there, plus a couple of spot illustrations dotted about, it looks and feels so good as a TPB.


If you want to know more you need to head over to the Horrere twitter feed or check out the Madius Comics Website.