Ferens Open Exhibition – Comics Related Art, Accepted!

I had thought my submissions for this years event had been rejected, and was pretty pleased to get an eleventh hour message letting me know that, in fact, one of my submissions had made the cut, being accepted into the annual Open Exhibition at Hull’s Ferens Gallery

The piece in question is one of the works first seen at Salt earlier in the year (a joint exhibition with Joseph Cox, nice to see his work at the Open as well, see image below, second from the right).

The piece I submitted was originally one of a set of comics iconography inspired, cinematic pieces called Hero Noir.

All were created using a number of techniques from traditional ink and paint on board, to digital paint on the iPad. Finally printed using the giclee print process onto textured paper and worked into traditionally one last time before each embellished print is signed and rubber stamped.

It will be interesting to see what the general art audience makes of it all.

Comics… divisive stuff I hear.


Awesome Comics Podcast – the process sessions

Just saw this tweet go past on my timeline, and that reminded me. The guys were kind enough to ask me onto the podcast back in August 2019 (Episode 214) as part of their Comic Making Process sessions – episodes 213 – 219 over on podbean etc.

If you are into comics, (particularly if you make them and are based here in the UK) and haven’t heard of the The Awesome Comics Podcast, you really need to check them out. Loads of great critique and advice, across a wide range of comics subjects, styles and genres.
Just be careful if listening with your favourite old aunt, she might not be prepared for some of the colloquial language.

There’s also a great Facebook group, again with tonnes of advice, support and a real sense of community for UK comics creators and enthusiasts. Go check it out.

A New Gig – “Flintlock” / Time Bomb Comics

I was pretty happy last year when I was approached to submit an art trial and subsequently be given the task of taking over art duties on Steve Tanner’s “Flintlock” title, found in the historical anthology comic of the same name, published under his Time Bomb Comics imprint (as it stands Book Four is now out in the world, and the script for Book Five is currently in my in-tray).

This was the first book I’ve worked on completely digitally, using Procreate fro the entire process from thumbnails through “pencils” and “Inks”. You can see that process in the video below. A real learning curve, but it certainly had its benefits.

EB0D2632-8A29-4ECB-8354-D466F2603365If you are not aware, Flintlock follows the adventures and trials of a highway-woman in 18th Century England., the book also features two other female character led historical tales in each issue, with a bunch of other great artists. If you wanted to check it out you can find Steve at many of the major comic con events around the UK, or check it out on his site/store (he has a whole range of similarly historical adventure titles on there too). It is also currently being republished in the pages of Comic Scene magazine, which is available in most WHSmiths, which is cool.

The book has been great to work on despite throwing up some challenges, not least that the predominant mode of transport/travel involves horses, laughs. But I guess an artist just can’t keep avoiding equine anatomy. One big boon is that I already had access to a tricorn hat and a brace of flintlocks.

Stand and Deliver indeed!

Local Gallery Showing – Salt, Beverley

Back in March last year I was asked to show some of my digitally painted comics art and concept art style artwork at a local gallery (Salt, in Beverley) alongside the work of local illustrator and designer (and one of the founders of Form on Humber Street). Joseph Cox.

It was great to show my large format prints for the first time, plus I’d recently created a set of music related prints which I also had in the show.

As different as Joseph’s and my work might be, it was great showing the work together, and strangely both of us seemed to have centred on two themes, i.e. architecture and music, which made the pairing even more relevant.

If you’ve not found it yet, go check out Salt, it’s a great little space with a wide variety of work on show.


Kickstarter Print Commissions & Fan Art

The last few months has seen me produce a couple of stretch goal prints for some indie comics kickstarters, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. I love making fan art*, and really that’s what this feels like. Being able to dive into the creative world someone else has already brought to life and give it your own spin.

I’d done some of these for the guys at Madius Comics previously which is always great. But being asked by people outside my regular creative collaborative circle was also really cool.

One of these was for Lad, a great new project from Umma Ditta, a strange and really well received folklore meets urban crime drama, about to enter its second Kickstarter push.

And more recently, I worked on a piece for one of Steve Tanner’s (Time Bomb Comics) other historical comics, Dick Turpin. Definitely still in the ballpark of my work with him on Flintlock, but again, fun to play with the imagery a little as a guest on the project.

*Anyone who has asked me to do fan art commissions at shows, will no doubt think this is odd, as it’s something I usually turn down. I’ve no problem with others doing it, I’m just not that comfortable myself selling stuff based on IPs I don’t have any licences or permissions for. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is I guess.

So the fan art I do mostly tends to stay in my sketchbooks or appear as process sketches in my Twitter feed or Facebook, or be the theme of my Inktober etc, but last year there was an opportunity to donate some art to a charity raffle event for Little Heroes. A great charity that donates create your own comic book starter kits for kids in hospital. The event took place at The Two Chairmen in London, and I met up with Andrew Segal and made a day of it, checking out the usual comic stores beforehand (it was coincidentally Free Comic Book Day).

The event itself was also to be the live audience recording of episode 200 of The Awesome Comics Podcast. All of which resulted in a fun comics themed day out. I got to show Vince Hunt the progress on Coldwater Cove (i.e. all the pencilled pages), and we got to chat to a few of the UK indie creators that had come along to donate as well. Top day out.

Anyway, if you are interested, I created a Fan Art Section on here where you can see a bunch of stuff I’ve done over the last few years. Enjoy.