Fizzz! – A new(ish) Sketchbook


Okay, Fizzz! quietly launched at Thoughtbubble this year, its my second A5 sketchbook compilation, we have Concept Art, Characters, Western and SF themed imagery and everything from thumbnails to fully worked up sketches, traditional and digital and some that are “a little from Column A, and a little from Column B”. 28+ pages b/w, just £2.50.

Check it out, if you like it the next place you should be able to pick it up is Nottingham Comic Con… See you there!

True Believers Poster / Hellboy Fan Art

Hey, this was fun, a bunch of people were asked by the peeps organising True Believers Comic Fest for next year to contribute to a collab’/jam poster advertising the show, we all got given a character each based on a rough layout and guess what, I got Hellboy… so I get to have fun with a little Fan Art and get to contribute to a what looks like a cool event.

This was the resulting True Believers Poster, nice to be part of that.

…Oh, and here’s some of the process work for that. Sketches through to Photoshop Colour.


Man, I love drawing Hellboy.

Hull & Bridlington Comic Con, plus Radio!

I was fortunate this year to be asked to speak live on Kofi Smiles‘* No Filter show @RadioHumberside about Comics and Social Media (if you missed it ) with Lee-Ann Williams from @HullComicCon and Artist/Illustrator Jemma Klein, which in turn led #IronShodApeComics being asked to guest at Hull Comic Con and later Bridlington Comic Con, which was great!

*Kofi’s a big fan of comics if you hadn’t guessed – check out his Comic Box Rumble podcast here.

So, I got to speak on panels at each Con’ (the stage at Brid Spa adding to the fun there) with the likes of Russ Payne, Russ Leach, JAKeAbbie Stabby, Lee Bradley and Rachael Smith, and of course meet a bunch of people* at both events, chatting about comics, art, art education and drawing etc, as well as selling a few comics and sketchbooks etc.

Hey, and if you are reading this and your the attendee who forgot to take their books away with you, please text me your address – you have my card – and I’ll post the signed books out to you, just put your name in the text okay. Cheers.

Anyway, you can find some links to my twitter threads from the day below. Hull Comic Con was an amazing Venue as it was partly held in Trinity Church, crazy.

And then at Bridlington… at the equally amazing Brid’ Spa.

(The photo above courtesy of Abbie Stabby, cheers – that’s her work in the foreground, go check out her work)

So thanks again to Steve, Lee-Ann and everyone involved at both venues, including all the volunteers who made it such a great day for everyone. I’d definitely love to part of next years events.